Monday, April 12, 2010

Update on the Andrews

I had no idea that it had been so long since I updated! We (especially Ike) have been really busy! Here is the latest...
We will start with Ike ....he left the bank at the first of the year to go back to school full time!! We are so excited about this, and it was amazing how God worked this all out. He is going to MSU to get a master's in Accounting. He is also working for the same organization as me in the accounting department in Starkville! So he is taking a full load and working 30 hours a week, and has unbelievable amounts of homework! I know he is tired but he is doing really well. I am extremely proud of how dedicated he is and how hard he is working! I am a lucky girl!
Me- I have just been busy with work, nothing new or exciting! :) I did get to travel to Hattiesburg for work and while I was there I got to visit with 2 of roomies from college, and I got to go to a baby shower for Amanda. Congrats to Amanda and Walter who just welcomed baby Walt!!!
Buster- He is doing good. We have recently started letting him stay out of his kennel while we are at work. He has done good for the most part. He was acting a little sad for a few weeks so we got him a new friend to have during the day.....He loved it, but for weeks I would come home to this.....

One of Ike's friends Justin Carter also recently got married and Ike sang in the wedding. We will miss wedding weekends now that most all the friends are married. It is always fun for everyone to be in the same place and just hang out!!
The Happy Couple!
This tradition for the boys to REALLY get each other on the way out! This is the guys (and some girls, ha) preparing for the exit!
They see the car, which they totally expected!
Not so sure about this!
Poor Justin! All in good fun and Justin took it like a champ!
Us at the Wedding!

Ike and I were both in Living Pictures again at church this is always a lot of fun and such a blessing. Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday.

The four of us!
me and Ike!
Me and Candace!
The boys arm wrestling...there is always a competition with us Andrews!

Then they thought we should too!
Oh and during Living Pictures we got to see Lee and Mary Nickels who are also expecting!!!! This is for Rose to see Mary! She is too cute!!!
That's it for now! Life is good! We are still here! :)

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