Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a wonderful life!

I must say again Ike is so sweet! First of all Friday night he took me to Tupelo shopping. Since the second anniversary is traditionally cotton I got clothes....MY favorite! That was more than enough for me! But yesterday at work I got these... My favorite color is yellow!! I was super excited! I love getting flowers! Then when get home I get this....I was shocked! :) Ike said he knew I would want to keep the others at work, which I did! Our office could use the color! How did I get so lucky, he was worth the wait, hehe :)
Our little family! :)
Taking a picture with Buster can be a challenge! :)
Sunday afternoon Ike and I went to visit our parents. We were talking about our anniversary and my mom goes inside and brings out this....
Last year we were out of town and never got around to eating our cake. So 2 years later here is. Don't worry we didn't eat any. I told my mom to just throw it away, but she really didn't want to...why I have no idea! But my dad said she will still have that for your 30th anniversary! :) I really hope not! Che may have to go on that show Hoarders.
Just a few randoms...

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The Jones said...

Look!! Your heads aren't cut off in that picture! ;)