Monday, May 3, 2010

A visit from the Hadfield's!

Rose and Chris made a trip to Columbus this weekend, which we have been looking forward to for weeks! When they come to town we usually make it a slumber party at the Andrews' (Mr. Ira and Ms. Susie's). The trips are usually kind of short so we have to make the most of the time we have... and since we practically live in Egypt or at least that is how it feels sometimes, we all stay together. We get a little spoiled because Ms. Susie cooks so much for us!!! There is no doubt we gain some weight. I think Rose was trying to prevent Chris from gaining any this trip...Friday night Ms. Susie fixed cube steak, biscuits, and rice. Well Rose was fixing Chris's plate and she informed him he could only have one biscuit, and if he ate it he could have another one, so he goes to the table and a few minutes later comes back and says, "can I at least have 2 pieces of meat?" Rose says, "you can start with one". Poor Chris says, "Come on, Rose all the other guys got to have 2!" She is something else!!! :) We are a family that loves games too, and are all extremely competitive!! For the most part we played nice! It was so nice to get to see them and all hang out!!This is our prom pose :)

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