Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My rant

I usually use this blog to document and I am still going to but I think I will start to document more of my thoughts here as well...So today I need to rant.
I feel so frustrated right now with this whole house on the market thing. What a roller coaster ride! Several people have looked at it which is good but no offers. I mean I hate to take it personal but every time someone looks at it and doesn't buy it I am disappointed. Childish, I'm aware. But really how am I suppose to take it. And if I hear one more time they liked it but are going with something else! EW! I try to think of the positives of course, like at least they were interested enough to come here. I mean it's cute (right?). I want it to sell like yesterday! I know I will post again when it sells and say how sad I am about us moving out of first house etc... but today I can't think that far. I. WANT. IT. SOLD. :) And let's face it I want to leave my house and not have to make sure I put the toilet seat down, made the bed, or put up the ironing board. Ike's says these things only add an extra 10 minutes to my morning but that is precious time! I am also aware that I should do those things and I really do want to be the kind of wife that leaves the house oh so put together, but I have never been a fan of having to anything. Oh and let's please not get started on how much I dread having to mow the yard which is about to begin. Ike barely has time to eat let alone mow the grass so you can guess who will be doing it, ME. I desperately wanted it sold before this time of year. Ike always offers his lovely encouragement, "at least you can get a tan". REALLY? thanks for your help, IKE! :) One can only hope it will sell soon.
I have learned one thing from all this...I was wise not to chose real estate as a career!


Derrick and Connie said...

you made me laugh. I could hear you saying every single word of that little rant. One day, after your house sells, you will laugh too. for right now, I am sorry it is taking so long.

The Ruffins said...

This is why I love you Brandy! So honest! Your house will sell in due time! Enjoy it while you still have it.

The Jones Family said...

Bahahaha! Did your neck turn red while you were writing this post? ;)