Saturday, March 10, 2012

We love visitors!

Last weekend we had visitors!  My cousin Ashley, her husband, Drew and their boys came down to visit on Friday afternoon, and my sister and her husband suprised them by coming down Saturday morning to hang out with us!  We fit as much as we could into a weekend.  Saturday morning we went to the Children's museum which was so neat.  It was Dr. Suess's birthday though so there was an unimaginable amount of children there, and parents chasing children.  I think the boys really liked it!  Then we attempted to eat lunch at Chuck E Cheese.  Apparently everyone had the same idea, so we ended up at Cici's.  The girls decided to do a little shopping before we went bowling that night.  Ike and I LOVE visitors.  It was neat too because we did things we never do.  I felt like a tourist. Come back soon guys! 

Buster LOVED the company too...He even slept with them one night!    

Gaming.... These boys love games, I had more downloads on my iphone in one weekend than in it's entire life.
Ready for the Museum.

Love these girls and miss them!
Sweet Family!

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