Monday, March 26, 2012

Perfect Weekend

Perfect Sunday Afternoon....

Ike and I both like to be outside and active, and now that we live on the reservoir, and so close to the trace we have been dying to have bikes.  We have spent many Saturdays going to look at bikes, and always talk ourselves out of them.  Saturday was like every other…breakfast from McDonald’s (we have this EVERY single Saturday!) and then a little yard work.  I was pulling weeds (of course, Ike wants me to do this cause I absolutely hate this chore) and Ike was push mowing.  All the sudden he stops the mower and says I think we need to get bikes today.  I was super excited!  So we spent the rest of the afternoon getting all the things required to own bikes, and then we went and test drove a few.  Neither of us had every ridden a “nice” bike.  We both had mountain bikes growing up with big fat tires.  The bikes we got are not a road bike, but like one step from it so the tires are small which allows you to go pretty fast.  ANYWAY!  We LOVE them!  Sunday I was dying to go riding.  It was like Christmas morning as a kid.  I woke up at like 6 and could not go back to sleep.  This is NOT like me, I LOVE to sleep in.  Around 7, we got up and went for a ride.  We rode around the reservoir which was beautiful.  Yesterday afternoon we went for another ride, and then hung out on a blanket by the reservoir, which is the picture above.  It was the ABSOLUTE BEST day!  It was pretty weather, the best company, and just all together fun!  If we can figure out how to take Buster on the bike rides that would be even better!  I do have to say I learned that body is not what it used to be, and may take some time to adjust to riding a bike J 
I’m looking forward to many many weekends like this one!    

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