Sunday, May 5, 2013

First month recap

It is crazy how fast a month can go by!  We are so blessed with this precious little baby.  He is such a GREAT baby.  Ike and I both feel like we have been spoiled by how good he is.  Saying all that no matter how easy a baby is.... it is HARD.  That first month is such a change.  You are not sleeping, your life is totally different, and you are very hormonal!  I will say now (almost a month later) I am already starting to forget how hard it was.  He is so precious, and we could not love him more.  Here is a little recap of the first month... 
We had to go in for a 2 day check up and Brant was gaining weight like a little champ, and mommy was very excited to hear this!

He slept in his bassinet for all of 10 minutes.  This was probably our biggest challenge the first month.  Brant was not all interested in sleeping anywhere but our arms.

 Ike stayed home with us the first week, and we were soo thankful!  This were Brant spent most of the week....

 We celebrated his first Easter.  Of course we were not able to leave the house, but Mimi and Papaw came for the weekend.
Then it was time for Ike to go back to work, and I may have shed some tears over this.  Which crying was a constant thing this first month from mommy and Brant.

But thankfully when Ike went back Ms. Susie came to stay with me!  I am so thankful we planned it like that so I was not left all alone immediately.  She was a great help!  This was the week we where really feeling the sleep deprivation, and she stepped right in.  I would wake up feed him, and she would take over getting him back down.  He spent this week sleeping in his swing with her in the living room.
 This week we also had our 2 week check up.  Brant had gained a good bit of weight.  He was up to 7lbs 12oz.

 More relaxing with Daddy and Brother

Daddy captured a smile!

We had lots of sweet visitors!!  Ike and I loved having people come to visit!
Memaw came to visit!


The Carpenter's came to visit
The Wilson's
The Miller's

Ike had a birthday and turned 30!!!  Ms. Susie gave us a date for his birthday!  We went to eat and she keep Brant for us!

Ike is 30 and Brant is 2 weeks old!!

Then the next week Mimi came to spend the week with us!  She loved holding Brant!
And then I turned 30!  So hard to believe I feel like I just turned 20!

 This is how Brant spent most of his first month.... Asleep on someone's chest.

He also had his first real bath which went really badly with me.  I was so nervous I would make the water too hot that I'm pretty sure I had it way too cold.


Second go around I let Ike give it to him, and he had much better results!  Now Brant loves a bath.

Sweet baby!!
 More sleeping with daddy!

Our little family

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The Ruffins said...

He is the most handsome little boy I've ever seen. I hope I get to meet him soon! Love y'all!