Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Month 2

It has been the most fun and challenging 2 months of our lives.  This sweet baby has changed our lives for sure!  It is hard to even remember life before him.  Ike and I know we are so extremely blessed!  This is another post full of pictures!  We had a lot going on this month.
Daddy was so happy for Brant to hold his own bottle!  He has done fabulous nursing and bottle-feeding which is so great!

Brant made an appearance at his soon to be new cousin Kendall's baby shower!  I can't wait for these two to play together!

His grandmother and great-grandmother loving on him! 

My sweet boy

Mimi, Papaw, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Amanda made a trip to see Brant.

Aunt Tammy made this cute tie and diaper cover for Brant, and we love it even though Brant may not be showing it here.  It was mealtime and he was not interested in pictures.

 Uncle Sam graduates from college!!!

Rose and Chris made it down, and they spent the week with us!  We LOVED that.

He met his other great-grandmother and papaw

 Loving on his "other" family the Rutherford's

 Look closely Brant is enjoying some guy time

My first Mother's Day. 

Aunt Mary

Aunt Kathy and Ashley
Dalton and Preston
Lunch with Mimi and Papaw

 I love these two so much!
He LOVES being outside!
Again loving some guy time!  So sweet how they are all looking at Brant.  Already the center of attention!
Can't take his eyes off his daddy!
Spending time with Uncle Sam before takes off to Baltimore for the summer.
Brant got to meet the Walker's.  I told him to be on his best behavior because his mommy hopes he will marry this pretty girl!  :)  or at least be her best friend!

 2 month picture session!  (thanks Nana!)

I can't get enough of this sweet little man!
We will miss eating lunch with daddy now that mommy is back at work.  BOO!
We tried out the bumbo because he likes sitting up so much, and he seemed to like it!

 We are working on this relationship.... 
 Visiting with Memaw again.

 To end the 2nd month he got his shots.  He actually did ok.  He would not take his eyes off of Ike.  Just one big scream!  Weighing in at 12lbs 4oz!

Ike and I also celebrated our 5th anniversary by taking a trip to the beach.  Ms. Susie stayed with Brant while we got away.  It was so nice to have sometime for just the 2 of us.  It is so important to us to still make time for that.  Ms. Susie always tells us the best thing we can give our children other than telling them about Christ is a strong relationship with each other.  We loved every second of our trip!  Monday morning when it was time to head home neither one of us could wait to get back to Brant.  We fussed all the way home over who could hold him first, and before we could pull in the drive way we were undoing our seatbelts to race in.  :)  

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Emily said...

Love seeing the pics of Brant! He is growing and changing fast. Can't wait to see y'all again in person!