Monday, June 17, 2013

12 weeks

Brant is 12 weeks old, but not quite 3 months.  He is becoming more and more interactive and fun.  If I am being totally honest I struggled that first month and even some of the second. I remember reading in Happiest Baby on the Block that really babies could use a few more months in the womb to develop, and I would say I agree.  Ike says he doesn't remember much crying, oh but I do.  Now I am NOT saying I would have wanted to be pregnant ANY longer!  It just seems like we are able to read his cries better, and he doesn’t cry nearly as much.  He also started daycare at 10 weeks old.  I really think that has been good for him and me.  He of course didn’t appear phased at all by going, but I on the other hand had a hard time initially.  It helps that the daycare has video monitors so I can check in on him, and I am out the door the first second I can to get him. 
Brant likes:
  • Einstein play mat- he does great at grabbing the toys now
  • Swing and bouncy- limited time only though
  • Being talked to.  Even his teachers at school commented on how much he likes to be talked to.
  • EATING-  his teacher said “oh, he loves his milk."  He will squeal not cry if you take it away to burp him
  • Smiling- he is such a happy baby!  We are so thankful.
  • Paci- the nuk paci only still.  We tried to move to the Wubbanub so it would stay in better and he was not interested
  • Mobile- I wish that thing would play longer so I wouldn't have to run back and wind it up again
  • Sleeping on his daddy and mom’s chest
  • Chewing on his hands- it appears he may get teeth early
  • Looking at his hands and feet
  • Playing with daddy- already scaring mommy.
  • Being outside
Brant dislikes: 
  • Sleeping on his back    
  • Having his clothes changed
  • Tummy time
Brant is sleeping usually from 7:30ish-2ish and 2ish till we wake him up to get ready.  He has not given up that 2ish feeding.  I did ask about this and our doctor says that is normal for a breastfed baby.  It’s not too bad now because he usually eats and goes right back to sleep.  I can handle that. 

My mamaw came and helped my mom keep Brant for a week.  I think she was a little attached :)

Buster got a little attached too.

Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jason came back to visit, and they brought this under armor shirt for Brant (one of many other things they brought him THIS trip).
Brant's favorite sleeping arrangements

 Brant's 2nd day of school...I'm mommy of the year.  I forgot to take a 1st day picture.  I was emotional ok?
Please look at that belly!!!
 Brant and Daddy fun...I can hardly look at them.  Brant seems to love it
Sweet smiles!
He has started riding like a big boy in the stroller and loves it!
Little man!

We have to use a book cause he can't quite reach the floor, but he loves this toy.
It takes both parents to get a good smiling picture! 
Ike's first Father's day!  Ike is such a great daddy!  I am so lucky to have him. 


The Granberrys said...

He is just too cute! I can't believe how fast it's going!

Chelley N said...

He is precious. And I agree with you that the first couple months are so hard!

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