Monday, July 8, 2013

Just a little update...

 Just a little update...
 New baby cousin Kendal was born!  Brant and I went to the hospital to meet him.  We saw Kade while we were there.  Brant looks as big as Kade! 
Papaw and Mimi came down to spend the day with us!  They brought this shirt for Brant!  He was definitely worth the wait! 

 Daddy and Brant enjoying a Saturday morning reading books.  The weekend before they watched Smurfs, and Brant made it through 2 whole episodes!! 
We have been so happy to see the Walkers a few times lately!  Hopefully these two can be as good of friends as their daddies.

 Just a few randoms because we are eat up with this little cutie.  Brant has become a little star struck by the camera or phone.  The second he sees either his eyes are glued to it and he will NOT smile! 

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