Monday, November 18, 2013

Flu season.

A rare thing these days...A picture of the two of us.  I love this man more every day.
We had Christmas pictures made last week.  Which was super fun, but Brant was way too interested in the things around him rather than pictures.  He is such a curious boy these days.  All smiles on the way of course.
We just recently pulled out the pull up toys, and Brant LOVES these!!!  He's not crawling or looking interested in it all, but is very interested in standing up. 
Daddy is the pro at getting Brant to sleep at night.  I know we are going to have to work on the putting him in the bed to go to sleep thing again.  We had it down, and recently have been rocking or holding him more.  Oh well, he is only little once and is pretty easy to transition to his bed from our arms. 

Last week Ike was so sick.  Wednesday he went to the doctor and was told he had Bronchitis.  Friday he seemed to only be getting worse so he went back to the doctor.  Come to find out he had the FLU (yes, we all got flu shots).  So after work on Friday I came home to Ike throwing up everywhere.  It was all too much.  I got a wake up call on how much Ike helps me.   We definitely did not want Brant to get it so we made a decision to send him to my sister's house.  They met me in the middle to pick him up.  We know it was for the best, but we are missing him like crazy!!!  He will be home tomorrow afternoon and I CAN NOT wait!!!!  Ike started feeling much better so we were able to get all the inside Christmas decorating done which is great because it would have been tough with Brant.  It was also nice to have some us time.
Here are the pictures they have sent me....I think he is having the time of his life again.
 We are talking to uncle Jason about no to video games!  :)

 Mimi and Papaw came to visit him
Then he went to there house for a while.  Mimi says watch out American Idol.
 Final stop is Nana and Granddaddy's house.  She will bring him home tomorrow.

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