Tuesday, November 5, 2013

life lately

We have had an exciting few weekends.  We got to spend some much needed time with the Wilson's!  God is so good to provide just the opportunity you need at JUST the right time!  We had so much fun hanging out, and Brant loved their children especially Cy.  We may need to work on not pulling hair though. 

This past weekend Aunt Amanda, Mimi and Papaw came to visit!  Brant was of course spoiled rotten.  He has these three wrapped around his little finger already!  We really enjoyed having them.
We didn't get a picture with Aunt Amanda but here is Brant ready for her visit.
Randoms of the Sweet baby boy!

Brant had his first fever a few weeks ago.  The daycare called for me to come get him, and when I saw that number come up I panicked a little.  They must have expected it because the first thing they said was Brant is fine.  Poor guy did not feel good, but the doctor could not figure out the issue.  I say teething even though I KNOW the medical professionals say there is no fever with teething.  I got some extra time with him which was nice.  He is definitely a cuddle bug!

He is in LOVE with this fresh food feeder!  But is very particular about what he likes in it. 
Mostly Bananas!

 I could not be more blessed.  Ike is no doubt the best husband and daddy to us.  He loves this baby to pieces!  I am so thankful for how helpful he is, and it is nice that he is so hands on!

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The Granberrys said...

How can our babies be getting so big, so fast!? He's a cutie!