Monday, February 3, 2014

10 Months

Another month has pasted us by way too quickly!  Brant turned 10 months old January 22!!!  Here is the latest.

  • You weighed 23lbs and 4 oz at the 9 month check up (which was like a 3 weeks ago).  Daddy said even the doctor wanted to doubt check because you had grown so much.
  • You are a great crawler, super fast.  You follow your dad and I around from room to room pulling up on our legs.
  • Actually you are pulling up on EVERYTHING!  Makes me nervous.
  • You LOVE: 
    • to eat.  The teachers at your school tell me all the time you are such a great eater.  We are thankful for this.  You still love fruit most of all.  You are not a fan of peaches or spaghetti.
    • being outside
    • watching Buster and throwing the ball for him, but not being licked
    • bath time
    • for us to chase you
    • balls
    • the dishwasher, your favorite
  • You do not like:
    • putting on your diaper, you try to roll over the whole time and scream
    • getting dressed, love to be naked.
    • the car seat, uh does this ever end???
    • being told no
  • I think you are even more attached to your paci now.  So weaning should be loads of fun.
  • You can say Dada.  He loves it.  You are babbling more and more.
  • Still a great sleeper at night and a terrible napper especially at school
  • You moved up at school to the what I call the creeper class.  All the kids can crawl or walk.
  • You are really close to walking.  You took a few steps this month.  You can stand up pretty well and are pretty steady.
  • You have definitely began to really assert yourself.  Along with that we are seeing that your going to be a determined little guy.
  • I try to redirect you when you want things you should not play with like any cords, glasses, etc that you come across, but you are not easily redirected.  You get focused on getting something and it is impossible to simply show you something different.  So this can easily result in a fit.
  • You love opening and closing drawers and cabinets.  This has squished a few fingers.  Typical these days...

You are still the sweetest baby ever!  Daddy and I love you so much and just love our days with you!!
Happy 10 months!!

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