Friday, February 7, 2014

what a week...

We had such a great time last weekend.  The weather was great so we spent some time outside.  

Then our sweet friends the Walker's came to spend the night with us.  Brant and his sweet friend.  Some of the faces he makes there is NO doubt he is my child!
He loves his coupe car.  He really loves any activity that involves being outside!
Saturday night the fun really began... Brant woke up around 3 and was UP.  Along with being up he was extremely fussy.  I had thought several times the week before that he possibly had an ear infection.  Everything I read said 80% will heal on their own so it is best to wait and see.  Everything said it is best to avoid antibiotics when possible so they do not become resistant to them.  I, of course, called the doctor to confirm.  She agreed and said it was possibly teething.  Sunday night was not great either so Monday I took him in first thing.  He did have an ear infection along with getting 5 teeth!  Tuesday was TERRIBLE!!!!  Brant either poo pooed or threw up every 45 min to an hour.  NO ONE slept in our house.  Every night has been slightly better since then, but still no good sleep.  We were also just sad our baby felt sooo terrible and we could not fix it!  
A few selfies while waiting for the doctor.  You can see in his eyes how bad he feels!

3 am....What's the big deal, mom?

and then this happened...

This was day one of the eye infection.  I am too embarrassed to show the days following including today.   

This was the highlight of the week!!  I really just can not believe our baby is walking!!!!!!  He's not totally steady but he is on the way.  And again confirmation that he belongs to me (and really his daddy too) he is after a chocolate bar!  

I intend to at least do a half post for baby boy #2 soon!

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