Tuesday, April 22, 2014

iPhone dump

I feel so behind on updating.  Here is a little iPhone dump and probably the best way for me to get to up to date.
Brant LOVES balls (and balloons but we call those balls too).  He will bring you the ball and wants you to throw it for him to go get.  Yes, it is much like fetch with a puppy.  He loves this ball pit Mimi got for his birthday.  This ball pit, the bathtub, daddy's boots and the trash can are his "spots".  If we are missing something we always look in these first.  I am certain I have thrown away something important, and our tub looks like an episode of hoarders by the end of the day because of all the randomness he has thrown in it.  

We got a few boo boo's last month.  He threw a toy, tripped over it, and blacked his eye...only my child, and he got bit at school.

My work puts on an addiction school each year.  So I had to be out of town for a week.  Poor Ike...Brant had a reaction to his shots and ended up running 103-104 fever for most of the week so Ike was home with him.  Then of all things the air condition broke on the first VERY warm day.  He did great and handled it better than I would have actually.
Molly and I at the school.  Molly is now the director of the school... whoop whoop!

My lovely co-workers...

Oh we are in the midst of adventures in eating with Brant ...

Don't judge the Cheetos.... Not like he ate them anyway.

This child loves sleeping on daddy!
These two are becoming friends!

Look how grown Brant looks!  

Just for fun!

This boy loves to be outside and loves his car!

Baby Andrews #2 is growing growing!  I am not doing great at updates with this pregnancy, but I will say this one feels very different.  We had an appointment this past week (29 weeks), and they said he is head down and almost 4lbs!  He's a big boy.  I had predicted both of these.  I am not sure we will make it to 40 weeks.  He still has no name at the moment.  We are working on it.
Here is picture from 27 weeks.

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