Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014

Brant's little Easter basket just had a few things we knew he would love!  Eggs of course, a packet of balloons, magnets for the fridge, chocolate Easter bunny, and peeps.  He also got a HUGE red ball.  When we brought that in you could see the excitement in his little face.  

Much needed Easter morning nap.
Sweet baby ready for church.
of course he just wanted to play.
Then we went to Carthage for lunch and fun with family.  
Memaw with Brant and Kendal 
I was surprised how much Brant actually got the egg hunting.  Well we pointed them out and he picked them up.  I think because they resemble a ball.  

The grass in his basket took over though and became far more interesting.

Yay!  I threw out all my grass!

He's upset I wouldn't let him eat a rock...mean mommy.
Sweet cousins.
The ride to Carthage was a challenge.  Brant is still not a fan of the car.  He has always and still does scream almost the entire ride unless its over like an hour and a half in which he wears himself completely out.  We have tried the DVD player with a movie and we tried turning him forward which I think only made the situation worse so its back to backwards.  Any other suggestions??
Anyway!  Once we got there our sweet little boy returned.  We all had so much fun.  I wish we were able to get together with them more often.

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