Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little Wild Man

Brant is our little wild man these days!  I needed to write down somethings before I forgot these funny days!

The other day I left the room for literally 2 minutes, and this is what I came back to... Theses two sharing a snack of animal crackers they (Brant) got for themselves.

He has discovered that running from me is the funniest thing ever!  First picture he has the nose frita...  I mean seriously son.  He grabbed it and took off, so gross.  
This was last Sunday...We were up in PLENTY of time to be able to make it to church, but somehow it did not happen.  He was in rare form...looks so sweet right?

Then there is this...  He absolutely loves getting under things and especially loves to get in the pantry.

Here he is weathering out his first tornado warning....
Two other random stories...
We went to eat lunch with Ike on Monday.  Ike and I got cookies, and I split my cookie with Brant.  When he noticed that Ike had a cookie too he shoved the rest of the cookie he had into his mouth and started pointing at Ike's cookie grunting for it.  Silly boy!!!
Then yesterday Ike picked up Brant so I could go to the grocery store.  When I got home he came running to me.  He loved all over, and I was like awwww how sweet.  He then looks up from hugging me points at the high chair and starts grunting to eat.  REALLY???  I ask Ike, and he said he has been playing the whole time and has not once seemed hungry!  That boy is a mess!!!

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