Friday, October 17, 2014

Update on life part 1

It is so hard to find time to update.  I really really want my boys (and me) to be able to look back and remember these days so even if it is sporadic and all at once I want to try and keep up here.  I started a new job same place different job, and I am busier than ever there and at home.
Well here is part of an update of the past few months....
Papaw and Mimi came to visit us.  They are just eat up...
Daddy teaching Spence to hold his bottle.
We took the boys for a walk on the Trace.  So nice to be so close to it.  I am so helpful with carrying the boys.  I'm barely making it myself 
Just a little family shot
Spence's first time in the "jumpy"
Brant had a fit to get in too.
We love going the park.
Brant loves stacking things and them unstacking and lining them up.
Sweet brothers
Aunt Amanda got the boys new strollers.  We love them!  Spence looks like such a big boy!
This what Brant has looked like EVERYDAY when I pick him up.  He loves it outside!!
more to come....

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