Monday, October 6, 2014

Brant at 18 months

Brant at 18 months you....
- Can blow your nose!  This was very exciting for me!
-Have become a tiny get frustrated with us (and vice versa) because you know what you want but can't quite communicate it to us yet.
-Can sign more and say "mo" and you sign please by rubbing both hands on your belly, close enough we will take it plus it is adorable!
-Show us one when we ask how old you are
-LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit snacks.
-You don't get the paci during the day anymore.  We still let you have it at bed time, and everyday has been easier for you to leave it in the bed.  I can't take credit for this your teacher at school just decided to do it cold turkey with all the kids.  She said you have done great.
-Love being outside
-Like to organize things into piles
-Have become the best helper.  You want to do whatever we are doing, and you love to clean Spence's face (not sure he is loving this).
Brant Man,
You are so full of energy!  You are definitely keeping us on our toes.  Daddy and I always talking about how great your hugs are.  You wrap your little arms around our neck and hug us so tight.  It makes our day.  You are a sweet heart and we are continually reminded how blessed we are to be your mom and dad.  We love you sweet boy.

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