Thursday, March 20, 2008


Megan Tagged me so here goes....
Rules: List 5 things that you do or don't do for A) yourself, B) child, spouse, or friend, C) strangers

For myself:
1. I love cute shoes and dresses so I buy them for myself!
2. I don't get my nails done even though Ike encourages me too because mine are so weak and break all the time.
3. I work out to keep myself in shape though I have been slacking lately.
4. I try to eat healthy (most of the time)
5. I roll my hair just about everyday because it is awful if I don't!
For my spouse and friends:
1. I pray & thank the Lord for them everyday!
2. I try to make sure he eats supper...I don't live there yet but I do go out to fix supper alot
3. I hang up his clothes ALREADY...he washes his own something about one time I washed a crayon in his pants! :)
4. I try to talk to as many friends as possible as often as possible
5. I try to listen and encourage my friends and family

For strangers:
1. I smile and say hello.
2. I listen to them (Counselor in me)
3. I tell them why they should not use drugs (I'm a prevention specialist)
4. I try to make new friends
5. I try to remember to look for ways to serve them

I tag Beth Gore and Jenifer Jones...Come on girls! :)

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The Holliman Family said...

Hi there!
It was nice to meet you the other night at Bain and Kelly's house! I had a great time, what an awesome group of people!!
~Ashli Holliman