Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip to Texas

This past weekend Ike and I headed down to Texas to visit Kyle and Lauren. We had such a great time. They were great, they cooked for us the whole time...I'm sure Ike misses getting breakfast every morning it's back to just chocolate milk.

****Oh I must break here to tell you all a quick story.... a few weeks ago I was feeling sweet and decided to fix Ike breakfast so I got up and fixed eggs, bacon, and a a biscuit for him...He came in and was eating, I went back to get ready. It was Thursday which is garbage day so I always take the bathroom trash cans and put them in the garbage outside to be emptied...well I usually leave the trash cans and take them back later...but Ike never takes them back so I see him going down the hall with one of them to take but not both of them ....I found this odd. I thought about it that day wondering why he had done that...and it hit me he didn't eat that biscuit!!!! When I got home sure enough there it was in the trash can wrapped up in a paper towel!! I said, "Ike, WHAT IS THIS??" Poor thing...he started smiling and said I didn't want to tell you I didn't want it cause I wanted the eggs and bacon. :) I couldn't help but laugh... I guess I should work on how I respond when he doesn't want or like something so he won't be scared to tell me! :)****

Anyway back to our trip... so the drive was 9 hours there and we left after work Friday so we got there around 2 AM. So Saturday we sleep in and then I hung out with Lauren and Ike with Kyle...That night we got to meet some of there friends at a cookout and we (the boys) watched the Alabama game. Then we set off to Billy Bob's, the largest honky tonk in the world where Sammy Chershaw was playing... We are walking up and we see people being ID ed, which Lauren and I did not have because we only brought "that little purse" so we get up there and sure enough no entry without an ID...we wanted to be like but we are married and we have no plans of partaking in any of your alcoholic beverages anyway...but it was no use this guy was serious. Oh well..we had fun anyway we went down to the Fort Worth Stock Yards and walked around. I wish we had a place were people go and it is safe to walk around at night. Sunday we went to church and then had Mexican after white cheese dip so at first we were like awww but they are not kidding when they say Mexican is better in Texas. It was the best food food I have ever had at a Mexican Res truant. Then we went to a water park....SOOOO much fun I love water parks! Then back at the house Kyle grilled for us and then we got to relax and watch a movie, and make alternate plans for our trip home so that we could miss weather and evacuation from Gustav. We made it home safely on a much more scenic route in 10 hours. It was really a GREAT trip...Thanks Kyle and Lauren!

Before going attempting to go to Billy Bob's
The boys (noticed the book shelves that Kyle and a friend built..we were impressed)

Me and Lauren!
Kinda dark but this is Lauren and I outside the Fort Worth Stock Yards (see her cowboy boots)
At the water park...


Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

I am laughing so hard at Ike and that biscut! That is so funny! Looks like yalls trip was fun and I love Lauren's boots!

Amanda said...

Looks like lots of fun! Glad you had fun and made it back safe.

Samantha said...

What a funny story!!! Ike was trying to pull a fast one on you huh? lol.. Tell him honesty is the best policy!