Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What a weekend!

I realized that I had forgotten to blog that Rose is getting married! She will be married in April. We are all soooo excited!! So Friday afternoon I met Ms. Susie, Ms. Angela, and Ms. Angie Atkins at the church that Rose will be getting married in. It is fun to help with Rose's wedding I wish she could be here too! BUT Ms. Susie, Ms. Angela, and I all going to visit Rose for thanksgiving and I can not wait! I will miss mine and Ike's first married thanksgiving together but he is so glad we get to go see Rose...sweet boy! All the Andrews boys home alone hmmmm...
So Friday night Ike and I go to the track in Caledonia which is really nice not to be a trader to my New Hope roots but I like Caledonia alot. It has that small community feeling to it. Anyway we went to the track to run. I like to try to run but the most I have ever ran in one day is 2 miles until Friday. Ike decides we are going to go 10 miles so we did (so actually we walked, one ran one which means we actually only ran 5 miles and walked the other 5). It was hard at the end but I DID IT!! I was so proud and so was Ike! :) Ike is good at running and is very encouraging of me so it is nice to have him helping me. It was funny he said in the middle of the run to encourage me, "hey, if you do it, you can blog it" HAHA!! He knows I would have to! Then Saturday and Saturday night we hung out with the Jones'. Jenifer's birthday is in 9 days counting today and every year she likes to go this one particular race (Magnolia 100..I'm pretty sure) as a part of it. So Ike and I went and so did Paula and Ethan. Ethan was so into it. It was alot of fun even though we had to leave just alittle early which is apparently unexceptable...We stood up to leave and tell our friends bye and everyone around us attacked us....WHAT you are leaving? It was soo funny! Race fans are serious!
Then Sunday Ike and Jason helped my dad put up a fence so I got to spend the day with my mom and sister! It was really a great weekend!

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Josh, Jenifer, and Mackenzie said...

I am LOVING that you are counting down the days until my birthday! You know I've been counting for 6 months now! :) I'm so glad yall came to the races Saturday night. Next time, Ike will have to get the full effect of a race with me! Haha! Love you!!