Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad blogger again

I am falling behind on my blogging again. So here is a look at the past 2 weekends. FYI: The week in between was spent relaxing mostly with my husband before school is back in full swing! (which it is this week)

Last weekend... Friday we got movies from redbox and pizza. Which unfortunately it gave me the wrong movie so we watched things we had recorded instead still a great night! Ike loves that redbox is a dollar BUT does not like that there is no one to talk to when things go wrong such as Friday night or when the DVD is scratched. Oh well it is only a dollar!! Saturday we cleaned out closets and organized some. That night my parents took us out to eat for my brother in laws birthday!

My sister and Brother in law....
Before supper... Sunday after church we ate lunch at Ike's parents. These are Mr. Ira's new babies!

Ms. Susie is modeling the outfit Rose and Chris brought her from Africa! too cute!!!This past weekend I helped my mom with a shower for a friend. She is due in September but we are thinking he is not going to wait that long! Me and my mom at the shower

And I should mention that Ike spent the entire day Saturday working on our yard in the awful heat! Being on vacation for a week our yard was a little out of hand. AND he bought me fall flowers for my pots and flower bed! I will take pictures soon. They are so pretty! I love that man!

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