Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July weekend

This weekend we got together for what we call "Columbus Boys Weekend".  We had our 2nd annual event.  I have mentioned this on my blog before but to recap.  These guys all grew up going to church together and as they put it adopted Ike along the way.  I think it so neat the relationship these guys have, and luckily all the wives LOVE each other so it works perfect!  This year all but one guy made it out.  I wish I had pictures of everyone but it is TIME for a new camera.  That is a whole post in itself.  Here are the FEW that I have, and I hope to get some from some of the others (Lauren and Stacie!)  So more to come!
 Some of the guys Friday night! 
Some of the girls Saturday
This is Ike and I at our house Sunday night.  My sister and brother in law had friends over to shoot fireworks.

Ike, Mrs. Susie and I are headed to find a home in our new town!  I am sooo excited and a little sad!  Ready for our new adventure.  I think I could live any where as long as Ike is there too!  I will hopefully be back with a new address! :)

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