Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just getting to it

Friday afternoon Mrs. Susie, Ike and I left after work to head down to Memaw's to spend the night.  We had so much fun hanging out with family.  We are so excited that we will be closer to them, but sad to leave our family here. These boys are both so smart and fun!  Ike is so good with kids. 

Saturday we were up bright and early!  Memaw fixed us breakfast and we got ready to meet some family in Jackson to help us with the "home" hunt.  We spent the entire day riding around looking at rentals and houses for sale.  We are not in a place to buy a house at the moment.  For many reasons one our house here is still for sale, we are not sure about the area we want to live, and Ike's new job does not start till October.  BUT I'm ready!  Especially after seeing the prices to rent there plus I am ready to be settled!  Patience!  Saturday was so much fun learning all about the new place we will be living and hanging out with more family, but we were not successful in making our temporary arrangements.  We got a hotel, and we were back at it Sunday morning.  We had decided that we would go with an apartment.  The more we thought about it, the more nervous Ike and I became.  Apartment pricing of course is based on the lease term, and we want a 6 month lease so it would not be any cheaper to live in an apartment.  So we were back at square one.  Mrs. Susie remembered that aunt Beverly's son had a house for rent.  So to make a really long story short...the plan is to rent from him on a month to month basis.  This way when we are ready to buy a house we can without the $2000 to break a lease or a pet fee!

I have to admit this weekend did a number on my emotions, and unfortunely Ike took the brunt of that!  There is so much going on right now both good and bad that I am just overwhelmed.  I have learned that I am so different from the females Ike has grown up around.  Well at least as far as emotions go.  One minute I am crying and the next I am biting his head off.  He just does not know how to handle me sometimes!  :)   

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