Friday, July 1, 2011

Our God is good!!

We have had a crazy and exciting few weeks! First of all Ike had his last day of class yesterday! He took his final, and will not have to return to Mississippi State for class again. He still has his online class during July, but that is not bad at all.
Big news in our world...I got a JOB!! We found out about a week ago. We are really excited. It was just the job I was hoping for! That means we will be moving at the end of July! So the next few weeks will be spent finding some where to live, packing, finishing up our current jobs, Ike studying for the CPA exam, etc... We are feeling so blessed! God has been so faithful to provide everything in just the right time. I feel like He has confirmed to us over and over that this move is His will for us. I know sad days will come with the move, but I know that this is right for us. And if all that wasn't enough my work and Ike's work are across the street from each other!! Many lunch dates to come!
About our house... It's still for sale, no real action on it, but as Ike said God has taken care of everything! He will take care of this! We are praying and believing! :)
Now we are looking forward to an exciting weekend with all of Ike's Columbus guy friends and the wives' club!!


Anonymous said...

SOOOO excited for your job and the upcoming move!! I know you have a lot on your plate, but it will all be worth it!

Tom Collins said...

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