Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Down!

Yesterday was one week down!  Mom has done pretty good.  She was really sick on Monday and got dehydrated.  They had to give her an IV with fluids, but after that the rest of the week she has felt much better.  She drinks a ton of coke zero (way too much), and the doctor suggested that she try to drink Gatorade instead.  That has really helped!  She usually drinks coke from a can, and she has learned quick that she can not do that because she taste the metal, and she has to use plastic silverware.  So crazy!  Tuesday she felt really good so I met them at the state fair for lunch.  We all had a good time!

Focused on the game!

She got her cotton candy and caramel apple!
Buster loves his mamaw!  It is weird how much dogs pick up on, I am certian that he knows my mom is sick and he is extra clingy and protective of her.  This little dog has had quite a week!  He got out of the backyard 4 times before we finally figured out his escape route. 

Last Friday I got this out of my fortune cookie!  I thought it was so appropriate for me!  God uses everything huh?

In other news this week...  My sister had to go to the emergency room last week.  They found out that she had gall stones, and this week she had surgery.  Our family is the kind that all show up for even the smallest of things so it was hard for me and especially my mom to not be there.  Some of our other family was able to go and make sure she was ok and of course her husband was there.  She is recoverying pretty good.

Ike has been at "camp" for his new job for the past two weeks!  EWE!  I think he has really enjoyed it, but I am not a fan of it :)  You take forgranted the little things like going to sleep with your husband.  I guess I needed to be reminded to appreciate the little things!  I can not wait to see him tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely praying for your mom, you, her sisters, and Ike! And we'll add your sister and her husband to the list! Y'all have more than your fair share going on, but I'm so glad your mom is having good days! We love y'all!!