Monday, October 31, 2011

What a week!

Our lives have DEFINITELY been a whirlwind lately!  I'm sure you could have guessed that from my recent post.  This week was no different.  :)  Ike is still working out of town, and has not gotten off work before 10 pm all week!  They promise it is not always like this.  :)
Mom has 3 weeks behind her!  3 more before she gets a week off and then 3 hopefully final weeks.  Monday was rough!  She didn't make it treatment she felt so bad.  The rest of the week she has felt better just VERY uncomfortable.  Last night she must have felt good because she cooked us all supper.  It was Delicious (not that she could tell poor thing can not taste anything)!  She made a roast with potatoes, carrots, and peppers yum!
Yesterday we got a call from Rose that baby's heart had stopped beating.  She had a D&C this morning.  I have not talked to her yet, but Chris says she is doing ok.  We were all heartbroken, but thankful to the Lord for His mercy.  We know that under the circumstances this was best.  I am so thankful that Rose and Chris have a strong faith, and can see that the Lord's will and timing are always perfect. 

I know so many of you have been praying for all the things we have going on.  Ike and I both really appreciate it.  We know people are praying, and we are constantly seeing the Lord answer those prayers.

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