Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am just so proud of my boys! Well one of them...

I meant to share this link weeks ago! It slipped my mind, but I am EXTREMELY proud of Ike. He is such a hard worker.
Last night I was soo ugly to him because he could not call until 10 (not that he had not already text to let me know that it would be late). It was all because he was trying hard to finish so he could come home today! I am terrible. This new job is an adjustment. I think I need a new hobby??? :)

Do you see this????
This is my living room floor!!! and that is a DEAD squirrel!  Buster brought it to me!  He was so proud of his little self.  We wondered how long it would take him to get one.  He chases them everyday.  Of course the first thing he does is brings it show me, and Ike wasn't there to be proud of him!  :)

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