Friday, November 4, 2011

Mississippi non-mom blogger!

I thought it would be fun to link up with Kelly's Korner for her non-mom bloggers.  I am hoping that Ike and I will make new friends here that are in this same stage of life.  I love hanging out with our friends with kids, but it is a different stage of life.  While we do want kids that is not in the cards for now and it would be nice have people that are in this same place.  While we were in Little Rock, we were able to meet with a couple of the guys (and their wives) Ike met at his work camp.  It was so much fun!  I wished we lived there so we could all have dinner together and do fun couple things!  :)  We of course have not had much time to meet people but I'm hoping soon!  :)

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Arielle said...

Such a cute blog! New follower!
Over from Kelly's Korner:)