Monday, April 2, 2012


Welp, Ike FINALLY got his truck.  He has been dying for a truck for many many years.  Before we were engaged and people would ask him when we would get engaged he would always joke that he would have to have his truck and boat before that could happen.  That was 5 years ago… 
He has been looking online for a while.  Saturday we drove around a few car lots then we went home, and he looked online a little more.  He found one online that he thought might be a good deal.  When we got there we were just not thrilled about it.  So we left and went to look some more.  When we saw this truck I think Ike fell in love (I already ask if he loved it more than me, I’m still in the lead for now).  4 hours later (because the keys to the truck were missing, yes I’m serious) we left with this truck.  Ike was so excited; I think he wanted to sleep in it.   Sunday morning he got me up at 6 to go to wal-mart for cleaning supplies.  It was a great weekend, and Ike so deserves this truck.  He has been so patient and responsible, and he really never wants or gets much.  I’m so proud for him.  Hopefully the boat is not toooooo far behind.  And there is plenty of room for a car seat :)

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Emily said...

Aw so cute when guys are excited!!!