Friday, June 8, 2012


BIG NEWS!!!  Ike passed a section of the CPA exam.  One down Three to go!!!  I'm sooo proud!

This past week Ike and I were both working out of town so we just  left Buster with my parents.  He stayed there while we were on vacation too.  I have to tell you I was so sad to leave him again, but I knew it was best for him with our schedules this week.  There were a few nights when I was home, and I did not like it at all that he was not there.  My mom was sweet, and sent me pictures of the baby (yes, that's what we call him) throughout the week.  I think he's doing good....I am shocked my dad let him up in his chair.  SO rotten.  My dad has also been making jokes that he is "papaw's puppy" now.  I told Ike we better get him back before they try to keep him :) 
Ok, so on our trip we were walking through the mall in Birmingham, and got approached by one of those people at the booths in the center.  Ike and I are terrible at just walking away we feel the need to at least listen (or Ike will leave me listening).  We have only caved a few times.  Anyway, this time it was one of those curling rods.  We didn't buy it then we (Ike) wanted to think about it.  I went back first thing the next morning to get it!  I love it!  Worth every penny!  I have never understood people's love for a good straightner because I have extremely straight hair!  I have rolled my hair for years.  This curling rod thing is awesome!  Below is a picture of my hair...not done the best but still so much better than my normal boring hair (ignore the chubby cheeks). 

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Emily said...

Getting better at the rod :).