Friday, June 22, 2012

No good, very bad WEEK!

It has been quite the week!  We got home late Sunday night from Columbus.  We managed to break the lawn mower and weed eater so the weekend had been just great.  We get home just in time to pack Ike’s clothes for his trip this week.  He has been gone all week and poor guy has worked late every night.  When we were getting ready to leave my parents on Sunday we decided to take this little kitty home with us that had been abandoned by its mom.  My dad catches it with gloves because it was not at all tame.  Turns out he just needed a little attention because he ended up being the sweetest kitty.  By the time we got home he was following us, and climbing up in our lap.  Monday morning we get up, and he still seemed ok, but like maybe he had a cold.  I call the vet on the way to work and make an appointment for that afternoon.  When I got there around 4 to get kitty, he is laid out.  I was afraid he was already dead.  I rush him to vet bawling.  The vet revives him, but says he thinks he should stay there for now.  He calls me later and tells me he is taking him home because he does not want to leave him alone (can we say AWESOME vet).  The next day he calls around lunch to let me know he had to put him to sleep.  I was just heartbroken over this little kitty.  I have never been much of a cat person especially not in the house, but I think little kitty was special.  J  Anyway, TRAUMATIC. 
Here is little kitty sleeping on the way home.

Then Wednesday night, I’m out watering the plants, and I hear Buster yelp a little and run inside.  I didn’t see anything no snake, bee, wasp, nothing.  So I assume he bumped into something.  About 30 minutes later he starts acting extremely weird and pacing the floors!  I search him over and I can’t find anything wrong with him.  I know this will make me sound crazy, and I’m not sure what this means for future children, but I wanted to make Buster happy so I took him for a ride.  I’m not sure if that was more for me or him, but it worked.  We get home he appears fine, but refuses to sleep ALL night long.  It was crazy!  This picture was taken at 3am!!!!  I assumed it was not an emergency since he appeared to want to play.

 Then yesterday I see this!  Apparently he was stung by something. 
After this week I am so ready for Ike to be home tonight I don’t know what to do! What will I ever do with children??!!   I am looking forward to a weekend were we do absolutely nothing but relax!!!

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Vanessa said...

I'm sorry about the kitten. It was adorable. Glad that Buster is okay though. I have had a few scares with my puppy, Grover. He came in one day acting very groggy, with some foam on his mouth and his eyes were kind of glazed over. Turns out he had eaten a toad for dinner and was high as a kite! I read some where that you should try and rinse out the dogs mouth to remove some of the toxin. Well in my haste to rinse out Grover's mouth I might have gone a little overboard and subjected him to waterboarding. Poor thing. Unfortunately he hasn't learned his lesson and has eaten at least 2 more frogs since then.