Friday, July 13, 2012

Rest of the story..

Wednesday, we drove to the Lewes Ferry which you drive onto and it takes you across to Cape May, NJ.  My mom was really nervous about the ferry but it turned out to be fun.

Cape May was a beautiful, and our hotel was right on the beach which was so nice.  Wednesday afternoon most of us hit the beach! 
That night we ATE so good!  The boadwalk area was super cute we walked around a little before heading back for the firework show on the beach.
Thursday, Me, Ike, and mom went the day at the beach while the others went to a near by board walk.  I like to get in as much time as possible on the beach.  The water was supppppperrrr chilly even after you were ajusted to still had a chill to it.  I loved watching mom and Ike play in the water looking for rocks and sea shells. 
Is she cute or what?

I didn't get any pictures that afternoon but Chris and Rose came back and hung out on the beach for a while.  I am writing this so I will never forget this story or how funny it was.  Ike and Chris went out to play in the water, and while they were out there in Chris's words they were picking up stuff with their toes to see if they could find anything cool.  Well they come back to where Rose and I are laying.  Chris throws something that looked like a rock in Rose's belly button for a fews minutes she doesn't move then all of the sudden she jumps up yelling!  Come to find out it was a hermit crab!  It was the funniest thing ever!!  She at the time did not think it was at all funny because it "bit her" (aka pinched her).  This story is only going to be funny to those of us there, but I will forever laugh when I think about it!!
That night we headed back out to eat yet another fabulous meal! 
I really wanted us to get some cute pictures on the beach, but we didn't get out there before dark so here is what we got.  Not exactly what I was hoping for but some fun memories.
The boys of course had to get in the boat!
We were attempting to get a "dipping" picture, and Chris may have dipped Rose to the ground!

Then Friday, it was back to the ferry to head home.

Here we are at Rose and Chris's row home in the city saying our goodbyes Saturday morning!  Always so sad!

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The Jones Family said...

I am DYING laughing at the hermit crab story. I can just picture all of that happening! I love it! So glad y'all had a good trip, and I'm so tickled that your mama went with y'all! How fun!! :) Miss you!