Friday, July 13, 2012

Trip up north

I always feel overwhelmed when I get back from a trip trying to fit everything in.  So I decided to break this trip down into 2 posts. Our first stop was in Columbus.  We had planned to drop off Buster and pick up Ms. Susie.  We had mentioned to my mom that she should join us.  She is not usually up for traveling so we were super surprised when we got to my parent’s house and she was packed up.  Ike and I were so happy that she had decided to go.  So the 4 of us hit the road.  We debated stopping or driving through, but in the end we just thought it best to get some rest.  We stopped in Knoxville and it was a good thing we did because the weather ended up being terrible in D.C..  Our first day, we relaxed at Aunt Iris’s house which Ike and I always look forward to.  Sunday, Rose and Chris met us and we all went to church at Mclean Bible Church in VA for the patriotic service which was so great!   We all really enjoyed it.  Then we spent the rest of the day with family.   (I had to borrow this from Ms. Susie off facebook)
Monday, we took my mom to see the sights.  Ike was so excited that she was along because the rest of us have seen everything and it was nice to have someone excited about seeing new things.  We all had a blast showing her around.  It was the best tour ever because Ike and Aunt Iris were our chauffer service.  They would drive us right up to the monuments and then come back to pick us up.  Tuesday, we ate all day.  This may seem like a joke but we did.  We got up ate breakfast, and then took showers to go to lunch.  At least that is how it felt this maybe the reason I gained 7 pounds!  In the middle of breakfast and lunch Ike and I had our fight for the trip.  We always have to be sure to get one of those in sometime.  I would like to say it was over something meaningful…however that is not the case.  We fought because I refused to down size my luggage for the beach trip we were about to take.  Since there was 7 of us going in one vehicle we were told to bring one small bag a piece.  I didn’t want to. Period.  Poor Ike has to deal with me.  I eventually did many tears later.  I blame fertility drugs.     
After lunch we went to Ms. Lynn’s house for supper (eating again).   We had northern BBQ and crabs.  I actually really liked the crabs…but still feel they are a lot of work for very little meat.  BUT the experience and social aspect is totally worth it!! 
My mom loves Alabama, so she was excited they were beside each other.

Next up…the beach trip!

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Emily said...

You make me laugh! Miss you guys! I am such a bad blogger- update coming soon from me...