Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sibling time

My sister and Jason came for a visit last weekend.  We found this awesome deal on living social for a water park close to us and planned to go on Saturday.  Well I have never bought anything from living social or groupon so I assumed we could buy it Saturday morning.  I was putting it off because I was not sure what the weather was going to do.  Anyway you can't do takes 24-48 to verify purchase just FYI.  So we quickly cancelled that purchase and made other plans.  We decided to go to the Choctaw Indian fair.  You park and ride a school bus to the fair.  As soon as we pulled up to the fair the bottom fell out, so we just rode the little bus back to the car.  Always an adventure, but we had fun regardless!  We ate instead always a blast.  :)
This is a picture we sent to our mom on the way...

On the bus...I posted this picture of Ike and I on Facebook and said long time since we have rode the bus together because Ike and I did ride the school bus together for a few years.  I have mentioned this before I think but actually my mom used to take us to school and I begged for us to ride the bus so I could see Ike.  Now Ike only rode the bus 15 minutes, and we had to ride an hour and half.  Oh I was just so in love already. 

We had a blast, and always love our time with these guys.  I don't believe I have mentioned this before, but they have also been trying to have a baby close to the same amount of time as us, and have been unsuccessful.  Amanda has seen a couple of doctors, has done her time with clomid, and they have not been able to find one thing wrong with either of them.  In our case everything seems to be wrong with me, and that is frustrating.  In their situation nothing appears to be wrong, and that is also very frustrating.  I HATE that my baby sister is experiencing this, but I know that Lord has allowed us to be there for each other through this journey.  I have been reading this book called Authentic Faith, and it was been such a blessing me, more on that later, but I suggest it to for everyone especially those facing infertility.   

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The Granberrys said...

Sister time is the best! I nominated you for a blog award!