Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More showers for Brant

Saturday morning some our sweet "Columbus Group" friends threw a baby shower brunch for Brant.  Ike has been friends with this group of guys since high school, and I had no idea what a great group of girl friends I would get from marrying Ike.  :)  These girls are precious to me.  They were all there for us during our journey to Baby Brant, and we are so thankful for their encouragement and prayers.  Also, a lot of new moms so I was able to get lots of much needed advice!  Thank you all for being so good to Ike and I, and for already loving Brant.  We are looking forward to our get together in July!  

Sunday afternoon some of the ladies in Ms. Susie's life group hosted a shower for us too.  This shower was so sweet because it was made of tons of the ladies in the church that have had a huge impact on mine and Ike's spiritual lives.  We are so thankful for each and everyone of them.  

Once again...We are so blessed!  We can't say it enough.  A special thank you to our mom's and my sweet sister who came to all Brant's showers and loved on me during this time!!  (We missed you, Rosie.  Who is waiting to come so she can meet Brant...the most important part :))

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