Monday, October 14, 2013

No good. Very Bad day.

October 3, 2013.  This was a no good very bad day.  I got home a little early this day, and decided to do some laundry.  I gather and separate Brant's laundry.  When I go to put the laundry basket back I see what I think initially is poo poo.  I take a second look, and realize it is a SNAKE!  I am TERRIFIED TERRIFIED!!!  of snakes.  BUT  I knew I had catch it.  I run grab a bowl and cover it (and set stuff on top of the bowl just in case) At this point I'm still calmish.  I call Ike, and the second he answers I loose sobbing.  I somehow get out that there is a snake in BRANT'S ROOM!  My wonderful husband leaves work immediately, and comes home to take care of this...
This was one of the most unnerving things ever.  I just could not seem to shake it for days..  I'm bad about leaving the door open to go to the mailbox (because of my irrational fear that I may lock us out), so maybe it came in then or maybe it got in something when we had everything in the garage before we moved and just hung out for the past month???  We looked everywhere for a way in and could not find one. Needless to say, Brant slept with us.  I don't think he minded.

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