Monday, October 14, 2013

Our nights

 Just a glimpse into a typical night at our house...We come home from school and practice our crawling skills....

Then it is supper time!  Brant loves to play in his highchair.  The best toys are bowls, spoons, and sippy cups.  Whether or not he eats is still hit or miss.  This transition to food is a tricky one.  His meal schedule right now is...
6:45- 6 oz bottle
9:15- Cereal
10:00- 6oz bottle
12:30- a stage 1 veggie
1:00- 6oz bottle
3:30- 6oz bottle
5:00- stage 1 veggie or fruit (sometimes both and sometimes neither)
6:30-6oz bottle
Of course this is tentative, but it is what we shoot for.  Luckily, Brant is pretty laid back since his mom and dad are not great schedule followers on the weekends.

After "supper" it is bath time...Last week he had his first sink bath.  He has always loved taking a bath, but now that he can sit it is even more fun.  He loves playing with his toys and LOVES for daddy to splash him.  I was trying to hold off on teaching that skill.

 He LOVES when daddy gets home! and LOVES to go get the mail.  It is usually bent and wet by the time it gets inside.   
We love to spend some time grabbing Buster's ears petting Buster.  
Brant does pretty well about having his bottle and going straight to bed.  Our nights are short, but we try to get in as much fun as possible. 

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