Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Typical Day...yesterday.
 I feel like this was a day where mommy hood was in full bloom!  AND as crazy as it was looking back on it today I just have to laugh, and soak in all these funny moments.  It was one of those mornings when I laid in bed longer than I should.  Every time I hit snooze I think... you will regret this… Finally I get up just in time for Brant to wake up, welp dirty hair today (just being honest).  I bring him to our room while I start getting ready, and to say bye bye to daddy.  He is ready to eat.  I mean can you blame him.  He sleeps 12 hours usually so he is hungry!  I take him to his room, and give him his bottle.  When he is done I pick him up above my head to talk to him, and he spits up EVERYWHERE!!!  In my hair and most of all…in my mouth!  It was wide open talking to him!!!  So not only is my hair dirty it is full of spit up.  I just try to get it out the best I can and go.  I change Brant’s diaper and dress him which is taking longer because he is in between sizes so some 6 month fit and some don’t.  After 3 outfit changes he is not happy.  Finally he is dressed, I load him up and give him Sophie.. this helps.  We head to school, when we pull up I smell it…clearly he had a blow out on the way to school!  I hate to take him in with dirty pants, but of course no wipes in his bag.  So I do indeed have to take in my extremely poopy baby, and beg for forgiveness.  Shew, we made it.  The afternoon was something too…bless him…no nap since 1.  He was not happy!  I attempt to start supper…at one point I look around the meat is halfway browned before I had to turn it off and the potatoes are peeled but not cut up.  I just had to laugh…Ike, I’m living up to the nickname J.  Brant takes his bottle a little early and we totally skip trying to eat food tonight.  He is in his bed by 6:30.  We survived.  Life is hectic for sure.  I have prayed for these days…and I am thankful for them.  This morning we had a better start.  However, I did dress him in poopy stained clothes and did not realize it till we were almost out the door.  Oops, I changed him of course! 

Look at this face...
Life is so good.

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