Monday, March 3, 2014

11 months

You are 11 months already!  This month was definitely a whirlwind!  I have so much to update on in post to come.

  • Weight- I have no idea!  I don't think it has changed very much.  You do seem a bit taller.  Your little legs are so short.
  • You are pretty much a full time walker these days.  You are still a little unsteady but you are not at all interested in crawling.  
  • We love how animated you are.  Everyone comments on all the noises and faces you make.
  • Definitely letting us know what you want mostly by grunting.
  • It is almost impossible to get a diaper on you.  You try to roll over the entire time.  You love to be naked.
  • Moved to the big boy seat and you seem much happier.  I think you would love facing forward but mom is sticking to backwards.
  • Obsessed with opening and closing doors
  • Can't stand anything blowing on your face 
  • Much more engaged in your toys.  You love putting things in stuff.  Daddy found a few toys in his boot the other day.
  • You had an ear infection this month and you got 4 teeth so it was a bit challenging.  You had a hard time sleeping.  I think we are back on track now.  I also think you are realizing more now that we are gone during the night and want us to come into your room.  We had to do a few crying it out spells, but you are awesome so they were not long at all.  I think I was more of the problem than anything by coming in to give you a bottle at night and putting you down asleep.  We switched that up and always put you down awake which seems to be helping.  
  • Still LOVE your paci.
  • Doing better with a cup
  • Much more picky about what you will eat these days
  • LOVE your daddy!  I love seeing your face when he comes in at night!  
I can't believe the next post will be for your FIRST birthday!!!  We love you so much sweet boy!

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