Monday, June 23, 2014

Almost time.

So it is almost that time!  We have the C-section scheduled! These are just a few notes for me:
- I have basically been pregnant 2 YEARS!!  That is insane 😀
-I have had an extreme case of nesting this time so poor Ike and I have been busy!!!  Ike has been a trooper, and has taken on a ton of projects for me.  I plan to share those soon.  
-I am still stressing about how Brant will take having a baby brother.  He is such a sweet loving boy so I know he will love him.  I can tell he knows something is up because he is extra clingy to me. 
-My emotions have already started getting a bit crazy.  After I had Brant I definitely had some postpartum like issues.  I am hoping that I can avoid that this go around.   

We went to the doctor last week to see Spence and get an estimate of his weight.  They estimated that he weighed around 7lbs 13 ounces.  We even got a sneak peak at him.  Looks just like Brant's 4-d to me...same mouth and sweet cheeks.  

Here is 38 weeks with Spence.  

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