Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pregnancy #2, Week 36

I have done such a terrible job lately of blogging.  I have just not had the energy.  I think about it sit down and just can't.  Just a slump I suppose.  My lack of blogging has definitely showed with my pregnancy updates this time.  I went back to look at the updates from this really.  Terrible.  I thought it was much more so I am guessing I just "thought" those post but they never made it to the blog.  So here goes 36 weeks....

36 weeks

How far along: 36 weeks 

Weight gain/loss: I think I have gained around 35 (but that's not including the 10 I was holding onto from Brant's pregnancy)
Maternity Clothes: YES, and really most of those are getting too small! 
Stretch marks: This is an area I have been lucky with both times.  I haven't had any either time.  
Sleep:  Oh sleep it's terrible!! There is not a comfortable position at this point.
Diet: Nothing in particular.  I have had indigestion so bad this time (not as much heartburn which I had a lot of with Brant...who knew there was a difference)  
Gender: Boy! Spencer Allen
Movement: YES! Spence has been FAR MORE active than Brant.  He is honestly rarely still (which is always reassuring).
The belly: BIG! Like really big.  
What I miss: clothes fitting, running, walking normal, sleep
Symptoms: Indigestion, hips hurting. I have not swollen nearly as much this time which is very nice.  However, I have had MUCH more pressure and back pain.  Maybe this is associated with a baby being head down???
Thoughts:  Ike has been calling me negative Nancy, but I really have not felt very good these past few days.  Like I said more pressure, back pain, indigestion, etc.. have not been fun at all.  I am very aware of how blessed I am to have had such a healthy pregnancy.  This time I am much more realistic about the whole newborn phase.  Last time I had all these "projects" to accomplish, suppers to try fixing, books to read, etc...  I know those things will not happen.  I know I will not be sleeping and I WILL be feeding around the clock.  I think reality is a good thing, and with that I am ready for our little Spence to be here.  I am worried about Brant.  I have heard so many times how much a child even Brant's age loves the new baby so I am hoping he takes him as his and loves him.  We are excited, busy preparing for him, and feel extremely blessed!  We have 3 weeks at most left!!  That is unreal.  

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Mateya said...

The second pregnancy is so much harder to keep track of! It's so much different when you have a busy little one to take care of too! :)

Hoping you can get some relief in these last 3 weeks!