Monday, September 15, 2014

First day back..

After 8 weeks home with the boys, it was time to send them to the new school.  The new school is at our church.  We debated and prayed about the move for several months.  We ultimately decided that we felt it was best for our boys.  We have received confirmation after confirmation that it was the right decision.  
Brant had been at his other school since he was 10 weeks old, and we did have an occasional tear at drop off but.... we never had melt downs like we did the first few weeks here.  I am certain now that it separation from us rather than the place itself, but I of course questioned our decision.  Especially the first day I shed a few tears myself.  Ike realized that if they arrived at breakfast time it made the drop off process much smoother.  I think the melt downs were hard on daddy since he does the dropping off now.  He said last week that Brant just marched right in to the cafeteria like a big boy.
Here is our big boy the night before his first day back.  

 The first day he was there the children's minister and preacher's wife, Mary sent me pictures which really helped mommy with the transition.
 Spence of course had no trouble.  Pick up was sweet though I could totally tell Spence was happy to see me.  

 This was the second week Mary sent me a picture of our big happy boy!

Like I said so many confirmations that we made the right choice.  I love that the boys will be taken care of by people who love the Lord, and will be exposing them to songs and stories about Him.  I also love that they leave the classroom. I know that is a safety thing, but Brant literally NEVER left his classroom at the other school.  Now they travel to the cafeteria and play outside a good bit.  They also tell us everyday how many times they had to let Brant go love on Spence.  They say if he does get upset that helps him calm down.  That just melts my heart and I'm so happy they let him do that!!  He seems very happy now.  I can tell Spence is getting lots and lots of love there as well.  I hoping this will be the only daycare Spence will ever know.

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