Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brant 19 and 20 months

It's hard to keep up these days!  So here is a little up date on Brant...
-full of energy
-still loves lining up his toys
-started rolling cars and crashing them into each other
-loves being outside
-starting to tell us when he has gone poo poo
-got tubes and is starting to say a lot of new words
-loves his barn and animals
-favorite movie is Cars
-loves Mickey Mouse and Veggie tales
-loves running
-loves music and dancing
-sleeping great since the tubes
-loves our bed and playing in the pillows
-favorite foods: PIZZA, yogurt, peanut butter, any kind of dip- ranch, hummus, ketchup, etc., bread of any kind
Most pictures look like this these days cause there is no stoping
Tube day...

20 Months

You love getting in the baby things....

Brant Man,
You are a ball of energy.  Daddy and I can hardly keep up, but are a ton of fun.  We say you are our little entertainer.  You have the sweetest heart.  You are very concerned about others, constantly checking on Spence.  You give the best hugs and kisses.  You have started saying mmmmm and kissing us on the cheek, and will blow us kisses too.   We love so much big boy!!

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