Monday, December 8, 2014

Spence 4 and 5 months

Not just a whole lot has changed for Spence these past few months just as sweet as ever!
Weight: 17lbs at your 4 month check up
Diaper size: 4…almost caught up with Brant
Milestone: Rolling over!  He's good at this.  He is almost sitting up unassisted, and hates laying down.
Food: Still just breastfeeding.  We did attempt some cereal and he was not really interested.
Sleeping:  6:30-3 or 4 or just never really know.  Still swaddled in the rock and play.  I have tried swaddled in the pack and play, and I have tried unswaddled in the rock and play neither worked out well yet.  Maybe next week...I keep saying that. 
Here are some pictures from the last few months…

5 months

You are just precious!  You still rarely ever get upset, and your cries are usually easy to read. They mean I'm hungry or I'm tired, and occasionally you just want us to hold you. This past month we took you for a check up and found out you had an ear infection, a touch of RSV, and getting a tooth. We were clueless because you rarely fuss. We say you smile more than any thing!  You are just wonderful and we are loving watching you grow and learn new things. It feels like it is happening even faster this time. We love so much little buddy!!

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