Tuesday, December 30, 2014


November, like every other month was hectic!  So I will just recap leading up to Thanksgiving..

This was "Ike and Brandy day".  I get Veteran's day off so we have declared it our day from here on out.  This year we went to breakfast, got massages, shopped, ate a late lunch and picked the boys up early.  We loved it.  I wish we could have one every month.
Then the dreadful RSV hit our house.  Poor Spence!  My parents thankfully came and stayed with the boys for a whole week!!  They spoiled us by having supper ready every night too!

 We cheered hard for our Bulldogs!  They had a good run this year, and we are looking forward to next year!
 We had pizza with the Anderson's.  Best buds.
 Then we pulled out the Christmas decorations and got started decorating!  We knew Brant would be so excited so we put the tree up while he was napping so we could surprise him.  He didn't disappoint either.  First thing he said was ooohhhh...  Spence seemed to like them also.

 Brant helped out with decorating.  He loved it.  He has become a great little helper.

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Chelley N said...

Your boys are such cuties!