Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brant- 24 months

Brant is two!  How is that real?!  Look at him....Such a big boy!  He loves to brush his teeth.

He's a mommy's baby right now.  I'm soaking it up I know it is time limited!

 He's an extremely picky eater.  Definitely a texture guy!  And doesn't mind spitting things out.

 This picture is priceless!  Ike and I were back in the boy's room going through their clothes, and Brant brings back a hand full of cereal.  I had given him a bowl earlier so I assumed it was from that.  Later Ike says, uh BRANDY!!...and this is what we found.  I mean the outfit alone is funny.  A WAY too little Mater shirt, no pants, and one sock.  This child is something else!
 This is the "Brandy look"as Ike so kindly refers to it!

The Thursday before his birthday they called us to come and pick him up.  Poor guy was burning up.  My only guess if he was teething.  He was pitiful.

 He loves pointing out body parts.  Daddy, eyes.

Sweet big boy.

 He LOVES Mickey Mouse or "dog" as he calls it.

Goodness gracious We love this boy!!!

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