Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kid fest!

We learned that our little town has an event called Kidfest every year at the park that we love so much.  I was so pumped about taking the boys.  They had a variety of activities.  I just knew Brant would love it, and we were glad Nana could go with us!  

They had a sea lion show!

Spence and Daddy!

Probably one of Brant's favorite things was the bubble pools

Or maybe the Carousel... 

Then we had nachos and funnel cake for lunch!  I love some fair food!

Such a good daddy!

Then just to be sure they were good and worn out we went over to the playground.  
Sweet brothers!

The Easter bunny was there too.  I thought Brant would freak out, but not at all!  He wanted to touch him.  Spence was just all smiles!

This was Spence on the way home.  I would say we were successful in wearing them out.  

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