Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spence Lately

Spence Lately

-Spence is sooo strong willed.  I'm not sure if it just the age or what?  I slightly remember Brant being this way at this age.  I think he is just figuring out he has options.  In the afternoons he does not want me to take off his jacket, shirt, pants, or shoes until he is ready.  Definitely do not take his plate until he says done.

-Eating:  He is the slowest eater you have ever seen!  The boy loves to eat.  He is not very picky so far I know he doesn't like grapefruit.  He loves meat in any form, pizza, fruit, cookies, LOVES candy corn just like Brant and fruit snacks!  He will go get a snack and sit down so I can open it for him.

-Sleeping:  I really am so thankful for his sleeping routine.  He goes down easy and I rarely like almost never have to get up with him.  He sleeps so soundly.  Even in the mornings when he does wake up he doesn't cry just waits for us to come get him.

-He has started throwing the paci in the bed and when we get out of the car I will say "No paci's", and he and Brant chunk them.

-Helps put on his pants, socks, and shoes

-He's very organized but in a different way than Brant.  It is so interesting.  He wants things in there place.  He likes to throw things away for us.

-Some of his favorites are his daddy (big time daddies boy), Brant and anything that Brant is interested in

-He loves for us to "get him" and being chased.

-He is the most ticklish thing I have ever seen.

-He is our little talker!  He is already attempting to say almost anything.  He has a ton of regular words, but his favorite is "no" mostly directed at Brant.  He hates for Brant boss him.

 He's a daddies boy!
 The two outer teeth came in before his middle teeth!
Loves being outside!

 Loves Kyle!

 Loves this chair.
 Loves putting food in his hair
 Has his momma's appetite.
 A little cuddle bug

 Just a hoot!!!  Keeps us laughing

 Loves his brother

 We love this little chunky monkey!

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